Insights into the Journey of ACIM – January 3, 2015

The Escape From Darkness T. 1. IV.


Light can hide in light (though there is no reason for it to hide) but darkness can’t; darkness can only hide in darkness. For those that reside there in darkness and despair: light, goodness, truth and holiness are a fearful thing. We have not always walked so peacefully in the light, though we may do so now. And we would do well to remember that fear.

Because darkness is an illusion perpetuated by the “belief” that one can escape light, darkness does not exist because our journey to wholeness is inescapable. And though here in this world there is time longitudinally, eternity has no need of the measurement of time. The only thing that makes time necessary, is our journey to atonement and wholeness. And that is inevitable.

The truth is that darkness need not be. It is a projection of guilt, shame, fear – lack of love – that we perpetuate for many reasons. All these reasons built in the ego, the “person” we created. Not the being God created. It is the person we created and we project that fears but fear exists only in darkness that doesn’t exist.

Only what God created is real. God gave us the pathway to atonement, to forgiveness if we only accept it.


About Adrienne

I am Canadian born, for those of you needing clarification. I was raised in Minnesota, The Land of 10,000 Lakes, Multiple Musical Geniuses, Lake Wobegon, and really, really cold winters. Writing, Music and Photography are my passions. My current companion is my camera though my guitars and the piano are always close by and often consulted. Inspiration is everywhere and so is beauty. I now reside in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada. I love to write, ponder and give back what I have learned in my journey with the hope that it will benefit others.

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