Insights into the Journey of ACIM – January 5, 2015


I love this quote from chapter 2 for many reasons. Peace and serenity is what we seek. Even those who seem to seek only chaos are seeking peace, their thinking however is distorted what ACIM refers to as upside down thinking.

Separation, the original separation, or original sin, gave way to fear. Before that we were with God, one with God, we were His thought, His word, His creation. In the separation Biblically we see Adam hiding from God. Hiding because the ego had now been created. Hiding because he “knew” he had sinned, done wrong, was ashamed, now the God he loved so much became a reason to fear because of recognized disobedience. It is our ego that separates us from God. Romans Chapter 7 talks about this. And yet, had Adam not sinned, someone would have.

Before I began to read ACIM, I had read the book of Romans a few times. And always my mind paused at Chapter 7. And ego truly did come to mind.

“We are a soul with a body.” CS Lewis said. The body is a vehicle to learning on a journey that each spirit must travel in. Why we must, I do not know, because this existence seems, to our ego mind, to be the reality perhaps? Spirit or as CS Lewis would state “soul” knows differently.

The Peace of God that passes all understanding is knowing, opposed to believing, that we are wholly complete and one with our Father, our Creator. That there is no separateness except that our ego convinces us of it because of fear. It thinks itself it’s own entity. And so God is something to be afraid of. And this it projects. We believe that this separateness comes along with lack or some sort of “need”, a vacuum, a void. And that we can “fill it with your own ideas instead of truth.” We see this in the T.2.I.1: 9-12 where it says the following:

First, you believe that what God created can be changed by your own mind.
Second, you believe that what is perfect can be rendered imperfect or lacking.
Third, you believe that you can distort the creations of God, including yourself.
Fourth, you believe that you can create yourself, and that the direction of your own creation is up to you.

Oh what gods we think we are. These ideas truly come from our belief that we can control or trump the power of God. How arrogant the ego is.

That we think that by telling a different story we can change what God has created? Truth is always of God. Do we have the audacity to believe that we can make imperfect what God has made perfect? That we can “bear false witness” or distort the creations of God without repercussions? No wonder we hide, no wonder we fear, and when I say “we” I mean the collective ego of mankind. It also means ourselves as individuals in our own mini worlds.

The collective ego of mankind should fear. For it has projected a world so unfamiliar and devastating to our spirit that we can do nothing but shudder if we live “of” the world. But if we live “of” the spirit, and yet in the world we do so by accepting forgiveness, accepting that “we” cannot fight against that eternal part of us that is in us and Created by God and win. It is a fight that we all will lose.

“You do not have to continue to believe what is not true unless you choose to do so. It can literally disappear in the twinkling of an eye because it is merely a misperception.” T.2.I.3:3-4

Miracles, are a vehicle, like time, to the place of acceptance and forgiveness or atonement. It is in acceptance and forgiveness that peace is found. He told us all of this, and like Nicodemus we couldn’t hear, or understand. A Miracle, is like the title of a book I read when I was young…A Wrinkle in Time. It reduces the need for time. What is there to accept but that God is separate from nothing He has created.

As a child can not pick out the blood of his parents from his own and still be, so we can not take God out of ourselves. That He is with us always, there in lies His peace.


About Adrienne

I am Canadian born, for those of you needing clarification. I was raised in Minnesota, The Land of 10,000 Lakes, Multiple Musical Geniuses, Lake Wobegon, and really, really cold winters. Writing, Music and Photography are my passions. My current companion is my camera though my guitars and the piano are always close by and often consulted. Inspiration is everywhere and so is beauty. I now reside in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada. I love to write, ponder and give back what I have learned in my journey with the hope that it will benefit others.


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  2. Indeed, a bird does not make its nest in a bare tree 🙂

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