Insights into the Journey of ACIM – 6 January 2015


There are exercises that go along with this Course that help to “undo” the ego. That help us to have “vision” associated with truth, not projection and perceptions. I am putting Lesson 1-3 in the same post because they go well together and expand on each other. Enjoy this because the ego’s undoing is freeing.

Lesson 1 States: Nothing I see in this room (on this street, from this window, in this place) means anything.

Hard to grasp? From ego absolutely. But inherently, nothing has meaning in and of itself. (Is this sounding like philosophy 101? It will shortly 😉

A chair, is just a piece of material. It’s use and definition come from our minds understanding of what we use it for. There for we see our perception of it. Seeing anything for what it is in that moment without past attachments is unnatural to our ego. But to spirit that seeks only truth it is wholly natural to see what is, not what isn’t.

Lesson 2: I have given everything I see in this room (o this street, from this window, in this place) all the meaning that it has for me.

We give meaning to things like chairs, tables, spatula’s based on what we have used them for in the past. We rarely see things for what they are. Ego will kick in at somepoint and tell us we know exactly what they’re for and ego will try to stop this understanding because this beginning of vision is dangerous to ego. But spirit smiles.

Lesson 3: I do not understand anything I see in this room (on this street, from this window in this place).

Ego will fight this. If you would seek to heal and see clearly what is and your desire for it, that is spirit talking. Remember that this healing is unavoidable. Ego, just thinks it can be avoided.

When I’m posting these lessons I hope that you are also reading the book itself. Whether you are or are not. Spirit will override ego today and at least once catch spirit laughing and ego thinking that the chair is not a chair it is only its use we see.


About Adrienne

I am Canadian born, for those of you needing clarification. I was raised in Minnesota, The Land of 10,000 Lakes, Multiple Musical Geniuses, Lake Wobegon, and really, really cold winters. Writing, Music and Photography are my passions. My current companion is my camera though my guitars and the piano are always close by and often consulted. Inspiration is everywhere and so is beauty. I now reside in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada. I love to write, ponder and give back what I have learned in my journey with the hope that it will benefit others.

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