Insights into the Journey of ACIM – Lesson 85 Review of lesson 69 and 70

My Grievances hide the light of the world in me.

My Grievances hide the light of the world in me.

My grievances hide the light of the world in me. – Lesson 69

Often we believe grievances are justified.  We create and make the grievance, it is a thought processed by our ego and nothing more.  These thoughts that colour our perception, thoughts that project all that is not love are thoughts that quite often lead to perpetuating the rejection of atonement.

What we give we keep, what we try to keep we lose.

Project the grievance and you will keep the grievance and lose peace.

I can choose to hold onto grievances that prevent healing and atonement or I can let them go.  If I choose to hold them, they become the lens through which I see a place or a person or a time in life.  The ego would tell us it is “for” us but what could be for us that doesn’t bring peace?  And peace lies in the undoing of the ego.

Is there anything more in this world that any person wants than peace?  I am reminded of stress fractures.  The world seeks relief from stress in a place where it isn’t and the world has become fractured. Once you have felt peace it becomes the one thing you must be.  Once you have returned to Holiness even once, it becomes the one thing ego seeks to find outside of where it is because it perceives it does not have it and so it continues because to find it is death for the ego. Recognizing that it need not be sought, that it is already there is our mind in God.

Everyone is a teacher and everyone a student.  I am so grateful for so many recent teachers.

There is no line between us, there is no wall, there is no deprivation, lack is nothing at all.  And nothing can not be something.  Absence is not presence.

My salvation comes from me. – Lesson 70

Ego pops in and says, “How can this be?”    Spirit says come closer and learn.  Spirit Mind and Ego Mind.  The conversations they must have! 🙂

Free will.  God’s “gift” to us 😉  God’s challenge to us.  Satan’s lie to us. Do we put ego in charge or God?

I have come to one very poignant understanding.  Salvation can not come to us without “me” asking for it.  And so it does come from us.  It comes from our will to choose it.

I think quite often that the hardest times in my life come from not being able to make a choice. That choice was not about what should be done or how to fix something, that choice was my will or His. Those times when ego was trying to find a solution instead of letting God lead.  When I choose God’s will  and let Him lead, all things are peaceful.  When ego fights against God’s will it is not.

The same is true of my acceptance of Atonement.  It must first be in me.  I always go back to the verse in the Bible that says the truth of God is written in (hu)mans hearts.  It is a blueprint upon which we are based.  In His image.  In His thought.  In His vision.  And so salvation lies in my heart that lies in God.

First reading these type of things ego told me “What arrogance to think that God is part of you and you are part of God.  You are a miserable wretch.”  As I study deeper into the Word of God it is there.  So many stop at salvation as though it were the endpoint.  God’s word has always bid us go further.  It has not changed.  When we meditate on that we can see that.  But it takes the willingness to seek.  And the acceptance of the peace that passes all understanding to accept atonement.

These are the times in those moments where tears of gratitude come.  Not because we are unworthy but because Christ made us worthy.  Our ego would tell us we are unworthy and that atonement is hard and so we reject it.  And in doing so we reject what Christ gave us.

This ego undoing is hard on the ego from the ego’s viewpoint.  When we recognize that the ego is NOT us, that is the moment.  If… “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” is true, then it also means atonement.

My salvation comes from me because it comes from my acceptance of it.  It comes from the extension of God’s love in us. From the blueprint carried within our being that is an extension of God.   Christ is our brother, our elder wiser brother, who followed that blueprint completely.

Let this not tempt me to look away from me for my salvation.

I will not let this interfere with my awareness of the Source of my salvation

This has no power to remove salvation from me.

ACIM Lesson 85 4: 2-4

Ego will fight this.  Ego in men fights it because it means it is not in charge.  It means that it must die.  It is there that we find new life in Christ, for all of this Christ has taught us.  We are born again, transformed and come into new life through our Brothers message, through His life, and through His death the message is carried.  This great thing our Brother has done, I can not reject.   Part of something can not reject itself.  How dare I try.


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