Celtic Blessings

Celtic Cross

The Celtic Spiritual traditions are closely tied with Christianity.  Up to and including the legend that Joseph of Aramathia traveled to Britain and brought with him the crown of thorns and the chalice used at the last supper.  There are many reasons why Celtic spirituality is essential to learn about and study.  First, it there are many similarities to organized Christianity.  Some will say it was the attempt of the Roman Catholic Church to “Christianize”  the heathens of the islands. In doing that the church adopted pagan holidays to “bring them in”.  Secondly, there is so much wisdom to be gained from exploring what we have in common!  There is a love of the earth and respect for creation, as well as beautiful prayers and blessings in this tradition that increase our understanding of our relationship to the heavens!  Take a look! Expand what you know and find what we have in common!



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